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Preserved Palms

Our preserved palm trees are quite popular among customers. And why wouldn’t they be? We preserve each palm tree very carefully. BAF provides preserved palm selection, including tropical Date Palm, Washington Palm. We also offer other palm varieties on special orders from our customers. Our preserved palms are low maintenance and sustainable within the indoor environment. We use our preserving formula and process to preserve living tree fronds and trucks in-house locally, ensuring the tree’s natural beauty & essence remains intact. All preserved palm trees are customizable - hence compatible with any design specification. Our palm trees have been used in many high-end commercial projects successfully. We offer different sizes range from 2-15 meters height, the choice between single or multiple trunks, and straight or curved shape - to match the designer’s choice. The crown canopy has a size range of 2-5 meter diameter - maintaining the perfect scale realism. The use of a lightweight fiberglass body makes it easy to install our preserved palm trees on-site. Structural loading is easy for palm trees weighing 10-13 Kg per meter.